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3-shade striped fabric can be a specialised product utilized in design performs. This canvas is made of plastic-type engrossed in PE plastic-type material to assist cover from sun and rain, protect floors, and flooring surfaces. If you are interested in 3-color striped canvas and want to know what sizes and how much are 3-color striped canvas, please refer to the article below:

Scale of 3-coloration striped material

Based on your needs, it is possible to pick sizes of tarpaulins to match the construction. Allow me to share the material dimensions for your personal guide:

- The canvas is 3m x 50m

- The fabric is 4m x 50m

- Sizing fabric 6m by 50m

- Dimensions of canvas 1.8m by 100m

- Dimensions of material 2m x 100m

- Scale of material 2.4m by 100m

Exactly how much is definitely the striped canvas?

Costs for 3-coloration striped fabric that you can buy cost from 7-12 1000 VND / m2. Depending on the size and quantity you buy, the cost may vary, you will have distinct discounts for consumers.

As well as 3-shade tarpaulins, it is possible to refer to other sorts of tarpaulins including 2-skin tarpaulins, orange-green tarpaulins, PE tarpaulins ...

If you are in need of striped canvas for construction or other purposes, please contact us - Dai Phu Vinh Company specializes in providing quality cheap quality canvas. With several years of encounter in the business offering building materials for thousands of partners, large and small jobs. We assure to give you total satisfaction with quality and price.

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